The area around Le Grand Fougueyrat offers such a wide variety of activities that we ought to remind you to stop, relax and enjoy the views and the easy pace of life that rural France offers.

For those keen on shopping and soaking up local colour there are numerous markets, both day-time (mornings) and the very popular night markets (see the Markets list). There are also plenty of antique shops, (brocantes in French), where amongst the junk there are some wonderful treasures to be discovered

Bergerac is a wine lovers heaven as vineyards and vintners abound, Bordeaux produces more than 7 million hectolitres of wine each year!. We can point you to many local vineyards that offer guided tours and tastings.

As well as fine wine this region is renowned for its production of foie gras and other goose & duck-related products. It is also one of France's main truffle producing regions. The Atlantic coast produces some superb oysters and ought not to be missed. A "foodies" paradise, with excellent restaurants nearby and an abundance of fresh food, herbs and spices to sample at the local markets. All our meals are prepared with locally sourced, seasonal ingredients.

For those who have a love of history you could be very busy. An hour's scenic drive along the Dordogne will bring you to Les Eyzies, where "Cro-Magnon Man" was discovered. The museum here is excellent, with very informative video panels showing how pre-historic tools and art work were created. Drive a little further east to Montignac and take in the fabulous Lascaux Caves. The beauty of the paintings is indescribable. The two sites make an excellent day trip.

This is the region in which the 100 years war was fought and there is an abundance of sites and chateaux to visit.

Sporting enthusiasts will find rowing & canoeing, golf, cycling, walking & hiking, fishing and equestrian activities to occupy their time.
Every day there is a typical French rural market held in a different bastide (fortified town), A visit is encouraged to enable you to to mix with the life of the French local people and to admire the special local architecture of these various villages.
The market in Ste Foy La Grande is not far from a canoeing base. A good opportunity to spend a day out in this area and why not finish the day with a wine tasting at château Le Cléret which is nearby. You could taste a selection of the lovely Bergerac wines, the red, the dry white and the famous sweet wine that is served here with foie gras or simply as an apéritif.

A comprehensive list of markets can be read here >>